Reality Zone.

There is a certain disipline required to communicate in 140 chars and for some time I have found it comforting to express a relative small idea very precisely. It would be good if everything could be described in 140 chars, but big ideas are seldom reduced to such simplicity and small ideas commonly reveal themselves as something more elaborate when you realise in retrospect how inadequatly a 140 char tweet addressed an issue.

Making fine points in an argument requires a detailed exploration of an idea that a one line comment does not deliver.  It is the tangential lines of thought in an article that result in two writer with essentially the same position, producing completely different, but mutually supporting stories. While reading articles I sometimes think that I would change the spin in order to make a different point. To do  that I need to blog.

 An issue needs to be substantial to be worth the effort that a response requires. Often minior issues do go away when ignored.  But then there are other times when things attract my full attention and manage to  implant themselves up my nose. Cat hair is a prime example. Our cats sleep on our bed during the day.  So I wake up with long thin fibres firmly wedged up my right nostril. It’s always my right nostril. And it’s not the sort of thing that you can remove with a good dig with a finger nail.  No, that cat hair needs to be extracted with a bright light, a shaving mirror and a pair of tweezers.  But I do enjoy that satisfying tingle as it is removed.

So it is with with people and ideas. They occassionally manage to lodge themselves up my nostril. And they can stay there for days, sometimes years. These people and ideas seem to exist in an alternative universe.  And that’s Ok, as I maintain my own reality zone!! I try to keep a tight grip on reality.

The purpose of my blog then is to sooth my nostril irritation by using a mirror, a bright light and a pair of tweezers to tease out the flaws in arguments of other peoples reasoning and reconcile them to my own perception of reality.

Speaking of reality perception, vale Robin Williams.

Next post, on horticulture, as in, you can lead a whore to culture but you cannot make it think!